Almost every day we can rely on some obscure hashtag to begin trending on twitter, whether it's #NationalWatermelonDay, #WearPyjamasToWorkDay or #DNADay, but it can't be disputed that probably one of the most relevant of all of these has to be tomorrow's #InternationalCatDay, because we all know that whilst lions may be king of the jungle, cats are definitely king of the internet, right?

The world's obsession with watching cat videos has become a parody of itself, and has amounted to feline creatures becoming some of the most followed and admired accounts on Instagram on the globe. There seems to be a mesmerising attraction to these animals, despite the fact that they are hardly rare or unusual, there is something relaxing, comforting and downright adorable about scrolling through the millions of #catsofinstagram photos available at our fingertips. 

So, in honour of these curious little animals, I've put together a curated list of my all time favourite insta-cats who are sure to put a smile on your face after a rainy day. Some of these are so well followed that they're more popular than a Kardashian, but others I hope will become your new favourites, they are cats on the rise to stardom, and when they do hit the big time, you can gloat that you were following them first.

Who's your favourite?

Olivia x


Pudge is very proud to be 6 years old today! 🎉 Watch behind the scenes on snapchat: PudgePants

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Do my paws look big in this? 🐾 #RudyInTheCity

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Spotlight On: Brigitte Bardot

Spotlight On: Brigitte Bardot

Trending: Double Buns

Trending: Double Buns